The US flag that is additionally is referred to as the “Stars and Stripes “, takes its name from the flag’s look. It has 50 stars that stand for the current 50 states in the US as well as 13 stripes standing for the original US states.

via Wikimedia Commons

When the 13 British nests in North America rebelled in 1775, they required a new flag promptly – in specific on the United States ships that had actually formerly cruised under the British seller navy red flag. A basic service was to make a flag with stripes by sewing the white stripes on it.

The flag’s major patterns were developed throughout the Revolutionary War but has actually changed 26 times ever since. The reason that the flag is changed is that a brand-new star is added for every new state in the United States. Initially, it was believed that a new stripe would certainly be added to the flag for each and every new state, equally as with the stars however possibly believed that the expanding number of red stripes would certainly destroy the flag’s style. In 1818, Congress decided that it would just be 13 stripes and also it would be an added celebrity for each new state. There has never been any kind of regulation on exactly how the stars would be posted on the flag, currently it is identified by the mandate of the head of state.